2023 in Pisticci…nothing much happened……

But I had breakfast outside. That was nice.

I went to the supermarket  and there were no carrots….or at the fruit and veg. van. Strange! I’ll try again tomorrow.

I’ve checked in for my flight to Scotland.

And I’ve ordered some glucosamine and something else pills to keep my joints in order. I reckon it’s worth a try.

Also some black acrylic paint pens. Theoretically they will be better than teeny tiny brushes.

Then after finding a recipe online in the middle of the night I made a chocolate and crushed up biscuits tray bake ( no baking required) . It’s  part of my plan to be more sociable and have something interesting  to offer guests. It was made almost entirely from leftovers or things I wouldn’t otherwise  use.

Most  of it is now in the freezer.

Today I was also working on my ” cheering up paintings” project.

Getting there….
So far……not convinced its finished. Poppies definitely need fixed.

It’s quite windy outside tonight. Tomorrow is market day , as well as a public holiday. I’ll probably start on the 3d painting, before going back to the first one and finishing it.

But for now I’ll have a glass of wine and see what is on offer on Youtube.


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