2023 in Pisticci/Perth…..coffeeand cat painting……

What a very nice day I’ve had. And the sun shone again……

This morning on my way to the bus stop. (Edited out the bins)

After a stroll around some charity shops and a swerve into the pound shop I met an old friend for coffee and catch up. I’m really enjoying coming back to life after covid. ( even if ” after covid ” is not an entirely accurate  description. ) I’d forgotten how good it is to chat face to face. And not to have to speak carefully, to be understood. It seems that my Scottish accent takes a bit of getting used to with people outwith Scotland.

This afternoon after buying another frame I’ve been busy listening to ” Hamish Macbeth ” and painting a cat for a birthday gift.

Not quite finished yet.

Soon I think I might go and sit out here…….

Wow….look at that blue sky!

It’s definitely time for wine in sunny Scotland .


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