Sad sea or cover up

This painting was painted because I needed a large canvas to cover an ugly pipe on the wall above the sink.  I was having guests to stay in my studio and was frankly trying to hide what could not be beautified.

So I hunted around until I found the largest canvas I had , checked that it would fit and then I had to decide what to paint and as I only had a few days before they arrived it would need to be quick, so nothing too complicated.

For some reason, I was feeling a little sad that day. It may have been because I would be giving up my studio for 2 weeks , I don’t really remember, I just remember feeling sad.

I decided that a seascape would  fit the canvas very well , would be quick and would be fun because I could let myself go, no fiddly bits.

I started by painting the canvas red and orange all over. Nothing like sploshing red and orange paint about to get  one going.

And then It just evolved from there. I had a couple of photos to get me started but the finished painting looks nothing like  them. It took on a life of its own.

I did it in an afternoon and I  consider it one of my best, most satisfactory paintings.

But , or maybe it’s not a “but” , every time I look at it I can see and feel the sadness. If I stare at it I feel drawn into the mist and it almost makes me shiver.

I had no intention of painting anything other than a” pipe cover up seascape” so wonder if my feelings were so easily seen in that , then perhaps there is more of me in my paintings than I ever realised.

One comment

  1. Wow, I need to strive for your standards! But I started later, remember!! This is lovely and I would expect you to be in it in some way.

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