Painting Pisticci

Now that I am back staying in my studio I am having a short break from painting people. It’s a bit more relaxing to paint scenes where if a window is not just as it should be it doesn’t really matter. Most of all I can chose exactly what I want to paint and do it my way.

My favourite of these three paintings is the one with the leaning buildings. It is almost exactly how I envisaged it – and that rarely ever happens. I like my style in it. . I have stopped thinking it is childish and now I believe it is technically ok but more so that, that is how I see things.  Not quite real! (If you ever came to Pisticci – you might understand how this could be.)

view towards terrevechia
view towards terrevechia
a street in dirupo
a street in dirupo
higgeldy piggeldy houses
higgeldy piggeldy houses

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