Sad story

Well, it’s now the 13th of February. James died on the 9th. I am so sad as he had always said he would live till he was 83 and I believed him . He was only 70. I spent the last month of his life with him….and saw things I wish I could unsee. Sepsis is horrible and he was already weak.

So now I am staying with friends and I go home to pisticci in a few days. Although we had not lived together for the last 2 years we were friends and then being with him when he was firstly helpless and then latterly very ill it changed things. I am heartbroken for him . For all the things he will now never do and see and experience and I am sad for myself because who will I tell things to and who will I share my bad side with.. ..

My life will be different from now on. In many ways it will be better. I have

learned that I can do so much more than I ever thought possible and I don’t know where or what I will be doing in the future. I never knew I had so many friends. I have experienced so much kindness .

The art course part of the last month has been amazing. It kept me going. I only had a pen and some watercolour s and then latterly when I was in james hospital room..I had children’s coloured pencils and I have discovered a whole new style of drawing. I also found so many art books in the secondhand market in parma which have been inspirational.

So now am still in reggio Emilia staying with friends because it seemed important not to rush away and I might have time for another 2 drawings ……

Miss you james.


  1. Beautifully put. Your talent is amazing. You know that you will always miss him but he’ll be there, in that reasoning voice in your head or that memory, that place or that date… one who is loved, was loved, cannot be forgotten.
    I look forward to more art in painting and in words.

  2. Anne, yours is one of those lives that is so full of interesting twists and turns, some good and some bad, but never uneventful. You are masterful at , as my mother used to put it, making lemonade out of sour lemons. They might also write that “His was a life well-lived” on James’ resting place, and maybe leave a little glass of really good whiskey every so often. Sorry, so sorry, to see him gone too soon. Hope to see you back home soon, in Pisticci.

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