Today’s theme is yesterday x two.

After my sad attempt to represent happy I was not so confident about what I would do with ” yesterday”.I looked at several songs about yesterday and even went so far as to look at a list of 50 songs with the word “yesterday ” in the title. They all seemed pretty depressing. Wasn’t absolutely sure if the Carpenter’s “yesterday once more” was cheerful or sad.

However as I had a friend coming round to paint a flowerpot I thought that making another little clay head would be a nice thing to do while she was busy. My plan was to make a little bust of me when I was a child which was not admittedly yesterday, but I had got a bit nostalgic after listening to all these yesterday songs.

And I like working with clay. After watching a YouTube demo for the third time I think real clay would probably be easier to work with. ( just had an idea…pisticci is built on clay…wonder if it’s possible to use it…business idea? Clay figures made from pisticci clay? )

The little head I made looks nothing like me as a child. I had in mind the photo of me as a very serious 5 year old going to school for the first day. I had literally hardly met or played with any children other than my sisters in my whole life , was being sent away in the school taxi with a stranger and had never even visited the school before. I had good reason to look serious.

The head actually looks something like a chubby cheerful child . But it’s a better face than yesterday. It’s very exciting learning something new. I discovered that setting the head on a jam jar enabled me to turn the model round easily. Have still not worked out how to make the neck join the head without it falling over yet.

I think it’s double yesterday….from the past and it’s the happy face I should have done yesterday.

It’s a good thing that this is a fun project as my reasoning is spurious to say the least…….

Eevi meanwhile was still working with water and got herself 3 models to help. I love this.


  1. Hey, all those local pots from 600 BC are made from local clay! Go out to your nearest calanche and scrape up a bucket of it, mix with water to float out the organic impurities, let the small stones sink to the bottom. Spread it to dry on a cloth and VOILA”!! You can use it, I guarantee!

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