Happiness was very difficult to pin down…..

Yesterday’s theme was “happy”. I thought I would use the video ” happy in matera” as a starting point. It makes me feel very happy watching it. (I will put it on twitter or you can find it on YouTube. )

I thought it might be fun to stop the video and do a quick pencil sketch of some happy faces….or more realistically one happy face. But when I watched it again there didn’t seem to be any suitable faces…no close ups or maybe it just wasn’t right?

So I googled “happy faces” and looked at hundreds….. but none of them were quite right either….???

Then I thought maybe I should paint my happy face. Am always smiling in photos. So flicked through some photos of myself but….(There is a theme appearing..)…none of them were quite right either.

So I took a break.

Then it was 9pm and I thought… ” I ‘ll just get up at 5am and do something tomorrow morning. That will do.”

But it wouldn’t. So got out some clay and decided I would make a happy face. Don’t laugh when you see it. I am not sure what happened yesterday.

I thought it would have been an easy subject.

Eevi meanwhile was being happy with water.

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