Today’s theme was raindrops….

Must do better!

Am learning lots of things this month and one of them is that am not as good as I imagine. I can’t just sit down and pluck an idea out of the air. My time management skills are rubbish and despite being a woman ( apparently good at multi tasking?) I can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

So I made an effort…. I listened to Sacha distel singing ” raindrops keep falling on my head” several times. It’s a little bit addictive.

Then I got the plaster out and made another clay head while singing ” raindrops keep falling on my head” over and over again . I think I imagined that somehow me singing while I formed the head would reach my fingers and in some way the face would have a relationship to the song.

My skills in spurious reasoning are really coming on. Either there was a break in the pathway from my brain to my fingers… or I am just very silly sometimes. ( 99% probability it’s the latter.)

To add to the lack of effort yesterday I was using up left over clay and it meant I had to make a very small head.

So enough of that….will try harder tomorrow.

Eevi meanwhile more less let it rain with a spray on her painting..

Tomorrow is another day…….

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