Watch “Pisticci, the perfect place! – Spot promozionale della Città di Pisticci | Costa Jonica – Basilicata” on YouTube

This was supposed to be with last post…. but at least its done. 😀


  1. Great video Anne. Love Italian with a Scottish accent too 😉 Are you still selling your studio (the renovated one) or have you returned to Plan A to sell the bigger one? Is the pic of the balcony at the bigger house?
    Apologies for not replying about the house earlier, but had a family bereavement and it’s been a difficult year. Please let me know your current sale plans and price. I’m still interested in buying something abroad, but due to Brexit uncertainty I’d have to use it as holiday home and possibly rent it out the rest of the time.
    I’ll share your video on my social media pages…its the sort of thing that’s likely to be picked up by many so you never know where it may lead. I’m a former tv journo so have lots of media types on my pages who’ll love this too. Lesley x

    • Hi. Am still selling the renovated one. The bigger one is in 2 parts one of which is ground floor beneath 2 other apartments. So balcony belongs to someone else. Because lots of pisticci is on a hill many of the houses are like that. My neighbours upstairs s apartment opens onto the next street.
      The renovated house is one level with its own roof. Have reduced price to €25,000. Considering renting again if no sale or until i sell it.
      Making the video was so much fun. I loved the scooter. And being filmed scootering off into the sunset was just unreal.
      Am sorry about your bereavment and only too well understand the problems with brexit. Was cheering today with the result of the court case.
      Thanks for sharing the video.
      And best wishes.
      ( am writing this at 2.30am…. woke up again and thought it was morning … so off to make camomile tea. Apologies if answer is a bit muddled. )

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