Lovely saturday morning.

Am sitting here in my nice old yellow velvet armchair. The door is open and the sun is shining in.

Got up this morning and fed cats with scraps from yesterday. ( made lunch for friend and was not very good.must try harder!…. saving catfood though.🙄)

Then if its saturday must be Tony Blackburn on radio 2. I never listened to him when I was young but I find it quite cheerful and saturdayish and a little poignant as I imagine James would have been listening to this music when he was young. …. well some of it!

Anyways was very uplifting this morning and so I thought I would do some more work on a commission which has been a lot of work. I bravely painted over a face and redid it and now it finally looks like it will maybe be near finished.

About ten and am on my way to town but on the way meet a lovely lady who I know a little. We used to meet on the bus and she offered me some figs and then we talked about lipstick and buying things on Amazon.

Its a beautiful morning. Not too hot. Its a nice walk into town greeting almost everyone I meet.

First stop is the shoe repairer and I am so pleased with what he has done. I have big feet and finding shoes is difficult when I want them to look smaller and be affordable. My trainers were light and comfortable but there were holes in the soles and they were very slippy.

Now with new soles they should last a few more years. Am very happy!

Then pop into art shop to say I will collect my easels next week as I have been asked to take part in something to do with Pisticci ‘s special day as capital of culture.

Decided I can afford a coffee and sit near the window and enjoy the view. Then a nice neighbour I met on the bus the other day buys my coffee.

Head off home feeling very cheerful. Consider buying a melon but decide is too expensive and remember that I have 2 figs in my bag.

On the way home stop to show the lady who gave me the figs my newly repaired trainers. She says she cant find shoes either as her feet are so small.

Walk through the narrow white streets to my house and am reminded when I painted James walking along this street.

And now have watered the flowers and decided I will have fun finishing off the commission and then set up my printer after lunch.

Am eating my way through what is left in freezer so not absolutely sure what the red and orange lumpy thing is that I will be eating. ( am not remotely organised enough to have written what was in the box.)

But I have figs for after. I love figs.

This is what I love about living here.

( I saw the little tame fox last night on way out. It’ s so cute.)


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