Day 27 staying home in Pisticci…..

I am having difficulty starting this today as it’s not been an awfully satisfactory day.

I’ve felt a little off balance all day. Like something was not quite right.

It was my son’s birthday today so I decided to do a video call as it would be nice to see him. I don’t like video calls much. Might be vanity. I look a bit odd ( or realistic!) But anyways I fixed my lipstick, put on my nice glasses, which meant I couldnt see close up and called anyways. It was nice. I waved to all three grandchildren , wished him happy birthday, thought again how much he looks like prince Harry and I was glad I did it. They are doing ok.

After that I decided maybe I should make a better effort at a mask. So I cut up a vest and followed the instructions but got bored half way through.

Then I spent an hour on my big painting , but that didn’t go so well so I thought I’d read and then it was lunch time.

I did some more work on the painting and read again and then some more painting. I have made more rough progress. I went out and watered the flowers to cheer myself up . But that didn’t help today.

Too much introspection. Must make a nice plan for tomorrow. Am definitely missing being outside. And phoning my son made me feel like an orphan. Most of the time I don’t think about it .But it must be nice to have parents who would call you on your birthday in the middle of a pandemic.

On the plus side there were only 3 more positive virus cases in Basilicata today. Maybe it will be ok here after all. Though no one is relaxing and 4 hospitals are now manned to save possible virus cases going to regular doctors.

The sun is shining though its a bit cold outside. There has been so much happening that I forgot summer and warm weather is coming.

Am now late for wine time. I have olives tonight . ……

This may …or may not become a mask.
Tomorrow will be better….

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