Day 28 staying home in Pisticci…. made another mask

To start with today I decided to listen to radio 5 live as they were going to focus on care homes and one of my daughter works in one. (I told her she was a hero and she laughed. ….but she is. ) During the programme someone was talking about their ” auntie jean” who had recently died of the virus. I know lots of older people have died but this really touched me. He talked about her life and how she had always been there for others and that she easily would have lived another ten years and not been a burden on anyone if she hadnt been in hospital for an operation and caught the virus there. She was 84.

Ten years of life is a lot. It’s the first time that I could appreciate someone’s loss in this awful time. Large numbers of older people dying is sad but was a vague concept until I understand about just one. Although writing this is making me cry again I am glad that I feel like this.

Passing swiftly on.

To make up for yesterday’s unsatisfactory feeling I thought I would have another try at making a mask and with a lot of fiddling about and tying knots in elastic and then untying them because I had made the loops too big I eventually managed something half reasonable. My glasses steamed up when I put it on and am not sure I can breathe….so what with possibly bumping into people and cars and not being able to breathe it might be more dangerous than the virus. Sigh!!!

But my big painting went better today. I still feel a bit naughty when I paint whatever bit I feel like with no particular method other than I am in the mood to paint this little bit or that particular corner. So today I painted among other things my laptop and glass of wine. I even painted the screen as it was . Now all the canvas is covered and what I have to do next is paint everything in more detail. It looks like it could be ok.

So wine time has come around for another day. Despite being sad about ” auntie Jean” ( and apologies if I got any of the details wrong) it has been a ” satisfactory ” day. And I have some olives left. Hurray!!!

Freaky …can I really go out like this!!
Today I enjoyed painting all the little personal things

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  1. I would say you look nice, but saying that to someone with big dark glasses and a mask on seems like an insult! XD ! We will all discover how much we need to be using mouthwash……….

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