Day 26 , staying home in pisticci…..and it’s not over yet.

Just before writing this I checked to see how many more cases of the virus there were in Basilicata. There are 15 more today and more in the nearest town to Pisticci. I had thought that maybe it was all going to stop and there would be less cases every day but not so far. It’s a little disturbing after hearing a group of young people up by the church last night and also some people in the street. It could be that some people are getting careless now and think it’s all over. Worrying!

Am not sure if I should give up on checking what is happening in the Uk. It leaves me with such mixed feelings. However I think I need to know.

Today I started work at 11am. I am missing being outside but its a little too chilly….next week it’s to be 19C so that will be nice.

I decided I would just do a little bit of my big painting so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. And then apart from a short break for lunch I worked on it until after 3.30pm. Now its like a jigsaw puzzle and I keep wanting to fit the next piece. Everything in a painting depends on what is around it so I went on and on. Today I enjoyed it. Partly because I have sorted out some of the practical difficulties of working on such a large canvas. And also because it is beginning to look a little like I hoped it would

Now I can hear singing coming from the church. I hope the virus doesn’t come to Pisticci after all this time. I would rather stay an extra month on my own to make sure we are all safe but I can understand how people who have no money to buy food wouldn’t agree. It feels like the messy time has arrived when good feelings of support and being together are waning as people get bored and hungry and angry. We are a few weeks ahead of the UK.

It’s friday. And today I am 41 pages and 25000 words into the second part of my book. I don’t write on weekends as I don’t want to ” scunner” myself. I bought olives to have with wine and have several films saved on youtube. And the weather is to get better. I have a sunflower planned for my next wall painting and there is still lots of space left. Hurray for the weekend!!!

Its coming along….am pleased with the table and the blue cushion at the front.
I always wanted to have roses growing round my door …..looking forward to coffee and wine here next week

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