Day 56 staying home in Pisticci……will it be different tomorrow?

I think that somewhere in my head I must feel that it will be different tomorrow….even though as far as I can tell the only thing that will change for me is that I can go for a walk and maybe some other shops will be open but I would still need a document to say why I am out. …..however I have been acting all day as if it was the last day of the holidays and I needed to get things finished and ready for ….something.

Having tried to have a lie in but got bored I got up with no particular plans. After breakfast and turning off radio 5 live as it was much more upsetting than reading twitter I thought I may as well use some of my terracotta paint and cover all the ” not very white, in fact quite grey and yukky looking” lines between the painted tiles in the shower room. That took me about an hour and looks better….well different at least …and cleaner and is now coordinated with the living room floor.

I had been thinking about my big landscape painting and decided what was wrong with it was it didn’t make me feel what I was trying to express. I don’t normally try to acheive that in a painting . Am happy if it looks like it is supposed to. But these 3 paintings were meant to convey some things I felt about this time staying home.

1st one was My safe space, 2nd was Growth, and the 3d was to be looking out at spring/ new beginning.

So I fixed the flowers a bit by using a brighter red and yellow and changed a little bit of the background and put a tiny bit of brighter blue in the sky . And that was it.

For me it looks sad but with a little bit of brightness.

I was on a roll …so I thought I would hang it up with the others. Which involved moving lots of other paintings around so that the wall looked good. It would have been a shame to stop at one wall and besides it got complicated,so three hours later I had rearranged three walls and pulled out my bed sofa , tidied the top of the cupboard, got a whole lot of cardboard ready to throw out , tidied my workroom and brushed the floors.

In a month or so I will need to sleep in the gallery as it will be too hot upstairs. So am all prepared.

It was difficult to stop. Outside there has been a thunderstorm and rain.

Now that my floor looks so neat , my workroom floor looks scruffy…….so I mixed up some acrylic paint and painted round the carpet. ( I did move some things ….but not much) I will varnish it later. It’s looking quite respectable even though I had to water it down to finish off the part under the table….but who ‘s going to look there!

That’s 56 days done. My plan is to carry on more or less the same for the foreseeable future. Not that I have much choice …and see what happens.

I might paint some more big paintings as well as other stuff……I don’t know. The world has changed and who knows what will happen next.

But tomorrow I am going to go for a walk…hurray!!!!

I think it looks ok. …….
Am pleased with the colours…..and the poppy at the front
This is a panoramic view of my gallery/ bedroom .
Painted the workroom floor light blue…..

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