Day 55 staying home in Pisticci…..I went out…..

I even wore my homemade tartan mask , made out of a pair of tights and with a pocket for a filter . It matched my dark wine coloured jumper and is the most comfortable one I have made so far.

I had been a little scared to go out but decided that I would treat this morning’s outing as a walk into town. I was going to check if the post office was open and if so then I would pay my WIFI bill. It was a lovely morning and I met the nice lady from the shop on the steps and she complimented me on my painting. Then I met the lovely bin lady and had a short chat with her. As I was heading towards the post office someone greeted me and I noticed that the other tabaccheria was open. I thought I would see if by any chance I could pay the bill there.( they said I couldn’t in the first tabaccheria. ) I had to give the guy my health card which he put in a little machine thingy and then it was ok for me to pay. HURRAY! I went round to see if the post office was open and there was a big crowd of people waiting outside.

After that I thought I would go take some money out of the bank and on the way I met another lady I knew and we had a short conversation. Passing through the piazza two elderly gentlemen greeted me . Oh it was wonderful!!! The last time I was in the piazza I didn’t want to be there but this morning the sun was shining and I felt happy and optimistic. I took the long way home and even popped into the little shop near the steps and bought peperoncini.

It might not have been a big adventure in world terms but it was for me.

I started today, yesterday, when I couldn’t sleep so got up about midnight and washed my hair, checked out new phones on amazon and then ordered more paint. It was fun getting ahead of myself.

So by 10am this morning I had acheived a lot.

I spent most of the rest of today between painting flowers and reading. It was a bit boring painting foliage so I kept stopping for a bit of a read and then going back to it. That seemed to work. Its going in the right direction , but am not sure if it’s finished yet.

There is a storm forecast and it has been windy all day. There are some impressive black clouds. I opened the door as its not cold and I can hear neighbours up the street. There is a different feeling in the air. But no church service or cowbells today.

Am trying to think if there is anything special I can do tonight. It is Saturday after all. Maybe if I feel ok about going out shopping I could go twice and buy something nice for next weekend. I have got a snack sized bag of olives left though….

So it’s nearly wine time.

Yesterday there were , I think , 11 cases of the virus in Basilicata. Anyone wishing to come here now has to have a test then 14 days quarantine. I wonder if it will be different next week. …… I had better go for a walk every day. ( whether I want to or not!) 😀

I don’t look quite so scary without the sunglasses.
Took this photo about half an hour ago……..
Not sure if it’s finished……..

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