Day 14 of phase 2 in pisticci….tomorrow will be different?

Tomorrow is the day when I will be able to go out without needing a document. Shops and cafes will be open. And apart from everyone keeping away from each other and wearing masks then everything will be normal …..I don’t think so. But I need to pay my electric bill so I can carefully check out the reality. It might be anything…….but unless the virus is back in 2 weeks or so then this will be the new normal for summer. Designer masks and body swerves…….

For some unknown reason I only slept for 3 hours last night. At 2am I was so fed up I watched an episode of the “Durrells” which I had saved on my phone. What a beautiful series. Great characters and gorgeous scenery. Its like a happiness pill. Not however a sleeping pill.

So after making a vague effort to have a breakfast meeting with myself outside and managing only to write the days of next week …and” finish painting” , I thought I might do a load of washing so that I could have a clean   start to my new normal .

My washing machine is like the rest of my house. Not quite normal.

It is in the fireplace behind a painted board that looks like the bottom of a cupboard. Its only partly plumbed in and it leaks. I don’t  use it more than once a week and am always grateful if it works. I have a system for keeping the hose in the sink, otherwise it jumps out and the water goes all over the floor. I also keep a big torch handy so I can check if the leak is getting worse. But compared to washing everything in the bath when I lived in the countryside 15 years ago, it’s bliss.

I made another mask after that . Climbed up on a chair to see the yellow helicopter (.always scary as it is the air ambulance.) And listened to the church service which was being broadcast from above..

This week has been a lot about David Hockney and I watched some more short videos and then decided there was nothing stopping me going and fixing my big portrait that looks vaguely similar to some of his. That was fun. I now look like I am in somewhere not just in space. I painted the bottom a little darker colour and gave my feet shadows. I am pleased with it.

I looked up eBay to see if there were any cheaper Ipads. There weren’t so I found an app. for my phone instead and tried drawing on that. ( David Hockney used an Ipad for drawing on so I thought I would have a go.)

I may need some considerable practice. But it was fun.

And now I have written this outside tonight in my little bar. Am lounging in my brown plastic , fake basket weave chair , with my feet up on the other one and half a glass of wine for inspiration. Its been nice. I never used to sit out in the street as I was too shy. I would sit on the doorstep . But since making my garden I like it out good thing to come from this time.

So will tomorrow be different……..we’ll see …..

First stage of washing….. remove piece of wood from across the fireplace
Stage 2 …fill washing machine. Torch at ready to check for water from the leak.
Stage 3. Carefully arrange heavy container of water on top of hose and nake sure it goes into sink . Then turn on water. Then cross fingers and hope for best.
Fixed portrait. Am pleased with the shadows.
Needs a lot of practice but was fun.

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