Day 13 of phase 2 in Pisticci…..preparing my emergency box

I have been conscious of the possibility of a second wave of this virus…and I liked what Miranda Hart said on twitter which was roughly” she was preparing for the next wave but would be happy if it didn’t happen. “

So I decided I would make myself an emergency box containing things to keep me going incase it was very bad and I couldn’t go out at all or there was a shortage of food…. or both.

I bought my first item when I went shopping this morning. I bought hair dye. I think that is very important for my mental health and it was the third most bought item in Italy in the last few months. Now I just have to find a box . And a place to keep a box so I don’t keep tripping over it. I assume everything I put in it has to last at least until next spring. . I am only intending to buy one thing a week over the summer. Maybe tinned vegetables, lentils, beans and things like that. Maybe some tins of tuna, coffee. I don’t know and as I have to carry everything in a rucksack one thing a week will be enough.

It will be odd on monday to be free to go out . No documents. Cafes open. I think I can meet friends . But no hugging and am not sure if we will have to wear masks if we are sitting outside at a cafe . I saw a very funny photo of someone who had made a mask out of the top of a pair of jeans and opened the zip so he could drink a beer. I have seen masks with holes for straws so my fears are not completely unfounded.

I have got used to a solitary life and mostly I like it. I had a video call with someone last night and was surprised how much I enjoyed it, but I am a bit worried that I am getting ” set in my ways” and liking it too much.

However this morning when I half dressed up . ( top half) and then found a matching mask and perched my sunglasses on top of my head I remembered for a moment how I used to feel as “anne the artist” a few years ago . Not last year, but before that. Possibly before brexit .

It was a good feeling. Maybe it will come back.

I got my electric bill today. It was €31 for 2 months. So I ordered more paint. When I was thinking about the problems I was having with this painting, part of it was worrying about running out of yellow paint. I used the same Italian company as before and this time found lots of other art products they sell so I can get other things in the future.

I did some more work on the painting and glazed it. That usually makes the colours more vivid, but if I am not careful it looks horrible on big areas of paint….like the sky. Fingers crossed that it’s ok. I can fix it though by repainting the sky . It’s creeping towards looking ok…….

Today something else nice happened. I felt strong when I was carrying home my shopping. For the last 2 months when I have gone shopping I have trudged up the hill and felt sorry for myself. Today I just felt stronger.

It was a big deal.

Now it’s wine time. Hurray!. The door is still open as it’s been warm again today. I might sit outside for a while with my glass of wine …..or I may watch this new Australian police series I found on youtube. Because its good to be entertained….. .

I never thought I would paint landscapes like this. It must be my style cause it just happens! I think I am getting the depth.
Anne the artist.😀😀

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