Freedom….. might be getting there….

Out twice in one day. After out very briefly once a week and straight back home. This is impressive. Hurray….. I went out this morning and I didn’t really, really have to. It was hot . 28C in the shade. I picked up my 6 new canvases. Went for a coffee and strolled home.

It was sandal weather this morning and toenails painted, am all set for summer. Last years sandals look respectable and make my feet look smaller than my sentimental trainers. Always a good thing in my opinion.

Repaired my trousers which must be about 6 years old but wearing well and my small shoulder bag which I bought in Florence when I went on holiday with my daughter. It always makes me feel very economical when I fix things.

Then I thought I may as well see if I could finish the little car portrait and it’s now more or less done. As expected the tyres were the hardest part. If you don’t look too closely then they are ok.

And now I am waiting for friends to arrive and after a glass of wine together we are going out.

What a very sociable day.

I had time to look round my little garden this morning and it is looking very red. Some of my geranium cuttings are flowering. And my wall flowers are blending in nicely.

A very satisfactory day so far …….

I think this is my first car portrait.
All of these are free flowers….
The red flowers were a gift.

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