Freedom …. on a sunny Sunday

I woke up feeling a little disgruntled as I had been woken earlier by a bad dream. I can’t remember it exactly but, it was the, something bad is happening and you can’t prevent it, type.

I am supposed to, on Sundays ( in my imaginary book of rules) get up later and have a leisurely breakfast and then read the newspapers ( twitter) while having a second cup of coffee and answering messages from friends and family. Preferably while sitting outside in my little garden.

I decided to go shopping instead as am a little nervous about some work I have to do this week . So getting the shopping out of the way seemed a good idea. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the walk to the supermarket. Not so much the walk home as my rucksack was heavy and it was already quite hot by 9am.

I had a few small details to finish on my car portrait . That didnt take long.

Possibly I should get all the things I might need for my next piece of work put together . That would be the sensible thing to do. Instead I lay down and read a book. Had lunch. Spoke to my sister on the phone. Watched a video on portrait painting. Then when I was bored procrastinating I thought I would fix a painting which I need for August. It was really more procrastination.

I am thinking that I will get organised tomorrow morning …..after all this is Sunday, day of rest and all that.

I have 3 projects which are all worrying me a little. 1. Because it’s the first time and I don’t know how it will go. 2. Because actually I have no idea what the project is but I have obviously agreed to to something big and I thought I would remember eventually and now it is going to be a little embarrassing to ask what it is I said I would do. 3. Because this project has got too big and bits are falling apart. Other than that life is simple .

There is no point in even thinking about brexit and being able to stay in Italy.

However may as well relax and see what tomorrow brings. Project 1. Will likely be ok. Project 2. I must’ve thought I could do whatever it is or I would not have said yes. Project 3. Will think about that on Tuesday.

So now it is wine time. And Australian cop series. That should be nicely distracting. Tomorrow’s problems can wait.

This my reference photo. It was taken in july last year from my street around 6pm. ( thats what it says on the details)
This is my work in progress….. or fixing. The colours are a little different in real life.
And this was taken this morning…..before my less than leisurely breakfast.

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