Freedom…..with energy…..

Am not sure if I started with more energy or was energised by painting. I started around 8am this morning with the intention of stopping at 10am to go to the commune to collect my bill. When I looked at my watch it was after 11.30am. That doesn’t happen very often where I lose track of time. I have been painting a copy of a Van Gogh . I like his style anyways and it was a particularly lovely scene. I was using a type of gel thickener with the paint to get a better effect. And it was fun. I enjoyed painting loosely. I was really happy with the result.

I thought that I would go to the commune this afternoon instead.

So I did . It was closed! Surprisingly I wasn’t all that bothered . It was a very nice walk there. I took lots of photos and enjoyed being out. I thought I would just go for a coffee instead. The bar was shut.

However I have had some exercise and will get some more when I go back on monday.

It is such a strange feeling because it’s like getting back to normal. Less people wearing masks and more activities happening. It feels like the virus never happened.

My friend came round to collect the painting. It’s a gift for someone and seeing my new canvases which arrived from amazon today said I could have six canvases as a special offer , so now I will be going for another walk tomorrow to collect them. Very satisfactory.

I am glad it’s friday. I will try and finish the little car portrait tomorrow before the car’s owner arrives and collect my canvases uptown. Might even go for a Saturday coffee.

I hope it’s ok to relax for the summer …

On the way uptown. Have painted this corner lots of times.
Love this view. I can see my the top of my studio from here. Look from the church at the back left. Then tall house in front left. Then left look down and that’s where I am now.
View towards the sea.
Empty main street as it’s siesta and everything is closed.
I love this view. The shadows are pretty good too.

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