Freedom…… paid a bill without there being a T in the day…..

As I had decided to organise myself for mural painting today. It took me about 30 minutes this morning getting paint, brushes, covers, scissors, masking tape and then, importantly, photos from the internet for reference and a few other things including a bar of chocolate for energy.( 2nd last bar…. but supplies are being flown in from Canada!)

I felt much better after that. I could have done it yesterday and saved myself a fair amount of anxiety.

I am starting the mural on Wednesday.

So I was free to go and collect my bill from the commune. Easy!

Then I needed to wait in a friendly queue outside the post office. In my experience Italian queues are different. There is a group of people and what happens is when you join the group you ask who is the last person. And then you know who is before you.It’s all very friendly , but if you don’t know that’s how it works then you have a problem.

So that is my house tax paid for 6 months. (€53) Did I mention that house is for sale? 😀

I don’t pay that particular tax for my other house as you only pay for your second house

I’ve had trouble with both my kindle and the art app on my phone today. It’s not as if I have sold much on, but I might if I keep going. My kindle is refusing to email images and some weird thing happened on my phone so I had to give up on what I was trying to do. In the end I scribbled a quick fake flower on my phone and downloaded it to It was not one of my better efforts but if sods law applies it will be a best seller while all my other works of art languish.

It’s been thunder and rain while I have been writing this .

In trying to occupy myself constructively this afternoon I found a Norwegian guy sitting on a log in a forest giving advice on how to prepare for the second wave of the virus. Basically it was ….go and live in a forest and grow your own food. Hmmm?

I watched bits of people demonstrating how to paint portraits but basically I don’t like being told what to do…..because that makes things right or wrong in my opinion. I think that is why I liked the videos with Jonathon Yeo because he just said what he did , when he remembered, but these people say this is what YOU should do. Not the same at all.

I like writing this blog because at the end of a ” working” day I get to tell someone how it all went. That is what I miss about not having a partner, there is no one to ask how your day went . Writing this takes me about 45 minutes and often makes what I felt was an unproductive day seem quite full.

This morning despite changing my routine I still wrote something and am beginning to believe it is possible that I like writing and I am not just doing it because it was a cool thing to do.

Now I want a glass of wine and am allowed 2 Australian cop shows. ……

I have never tired of this view and it is even better in real life.
This got stuck on my kindle …
My 5minute scribble flower
On a dress…..
On leggings….. I quite liked this….very abstract.

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