Freedom…… trying new things…..

Tomorrow I should start my first mural in someone else’s house. My paints are there now. And I managed to open the door with the little old key. Italian doors can be complicated. And I know I need to wear my sentimental trainers as the tiles are slippy. I checked the light worked and I think I will be able to find the house again tomorrow. I found it in the second street I tried this morning. Pisticci has been described as a maze of white houses. That is relatively accurate.

That was step One. My plan is to go there early tomorrow and work all morning . And then every morning till I am finished.

Back home again I was inspired to paint another self portrait. I got all set up and balanced a big mirror on the top of 2 gas heaters. ( I forgot that the mirror is slightly tinted) Outside a storm was brewing and it got darker and darker. But I was determined to see if all that video watching had made a difference. It had in one way in that I didn’t think because it looked awful at the beginning that I couldn’t fix it. ( ahem….that was hopeful!!!).

So I tried to stay confident. Even when I took a photo of it and then held it up in front of the mirror and it was definitely squint. I couldn’t actually see my eyes and it is difficult to always be in the same position. Not counting the fact that the light changed and with it the shadows. I think I should get 10 out of 10 for finishing.

Next time I will get better set up and give myself a decent chance. I really want to paint other people from life but they won’t be impressed if they are squint. So I had better keep practising and find a good light source.

However am pleased that I tried.

It is foggy and damp outside but should be sunny again in the morning.

Wine time again and at least I have something to show for my afternoon. I think I spent around 3 hours on the portrait.

Might well look at it tomorrow and immediately see what I could do to improve it ……but for now it’s wine and more Australian cop show.

The set up.
Mamma mia…….what the heck is that!
Well, that looks a bit better….
The ” finished for today” portrait. ( not so squint)
Outside now……..

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