Summer in Pisticci…. in a 5th century pottery all day…..

Or that is what it felt like. I thought I might post all the stages I went through today as it would be easier than describing it. Between 7.30am and 5.30pm I painted out the figures in the pottery twice and then enlarged them and started again. I wouldnt say that I am exactly delighted with the results so far but it is better than this morning. .

Other than that it has been hot outside and I was hot and bothered inside. Nothing much else happened because I was determined to fix this painting. And I wasn’t giving up before I half liked it.

I am impressed with myself for not having a hissy fit ….. but I have said I would do it and I think I believed that if I just kept trying it would get better. I just didn’t know what would make it better.

So it is now on the way. It still needs quite a lot of work but it looks like it has potential now.

Thank goodness!!!!!

Wine time now. Am writing this outside as I thought I should get some fresh air. Its a very pretty evening though the sound of someone shovelling cement is not really adding to the ambience. ……

So as a picture is worth a thousand words… day in pictures.

Hurray , its the weekend.

First thing this morning
First time painted over
Starting again…..
Still don’t like it….so out it goes again
Redrawing again….still not right and I hate the background
Made the figures bigger….might work
Changed background colour , shifted shadows, painted figures and vases , not done yet but looks better……..
Research for painting feet…..not good at feet.

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