Summer in Pisticci….. getting hotter…

It’s now perfect  bedcover washing weather. Hot with a little wind.

I have moved downstairs to sleep in the gallery now. It is a little strange as it is set up for a still life as well as having my tools for stapling canvas lying about . Not counting all the paintings covering every wall. It doesn’t  look very restful…. but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I will miss my little bed in the attic but I think I will be downstairs till October.

I am trying to think of a nice routine for myself so that next week I can go to the market on the early bus on Saturday ( if I feel like it.) And then have a relaxing morning on Sunday.

So I went shopping this morning.  And did some washing. So theoretically I can have a long lie in….and have food tomorrow.

I carried on with my panel pottery painting today. It has changed again as I added a few things , tidied up others and straightened the potters table so it doesn’t look like it will fall over. I think I am close to finishing.

I am sitting outside again writing this and am all dressed up in a casual manner as am meeting a friend for a drink in town.

The funny little hairy dog just walked by. We are wary of each other.

I am very much in painting mode. This painting is something very different from normal and a lot of it is made up . I painted all the pots from imagination.  All I had for reference was a blurred black and white photo. I think I am being influenced in colour by the black and yellowy orange of the painter of pisticci’s pots. I am enjoying it now.

It has been a productive and interesting day.

A little aside, as I am still reading twitter which right now seems to be full of strange people who are objecting to wearing masks. I just don’t get it. As far as I understand you wear a mask to protect  other people incase you have the virus and don’t  know it. you can make your own ….. even I did that. It’s about respect . Looking out for other people. And it might save your life.

What a beautiful evening. 🍷

Fantastic buildings on way to supermarket
Door and shadows….beautiful
More pots and lots of little changes …may be more ….

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