Summer in Pisticci….happy sunday…

What a difference the sun makes. It is now very hot. I washed a big quilt this morning after discovering I could just get it in the washing machine. ( I had planned to stomp on it in the shower base…. a very messy job where I get soaked, the floor gets soaked and it is still not very clean.) it was dry in around 3 hours. I like hanging out washing. I like that my washing machine has worked up until now. Not taking anything for granted.

Having done the shopping on Saturday so I could have a relaxing Sunday morning I spent quite a lot of time reading. Then I got too hot so spent the next hour arranging my summer clothes in the wardrobe so that I could find them easily. Instead of giving up after opening the door and deciding what I had on would do.

After lunch and another little read I decided my pottery panel painting needed a few more improvements.

After that I took photos of several vases which will be included in the next panel. And painted a strip of paper black to see what it would look like as a border.

After a quick sweep of the floor….washing and floor swept on same day !! Feeling all housewifely.

I thought I would sit outside and write this but my little cat friend was sitting on my chair, it was a bit dull and finally someone nearby started using a power tool. I am instead lounging on an armchair, feet up on the chest with jazz playing on youtube. Could be worse.😉

Been the best Sunday in ages……and now it’s wine time.

Wondering if I will ever think this is finished
All ready to work on tomorrow…..
My little cat friend….it’s very timid.


  1. I love reading your posts about life in Pisticci. Are you going to write a book? Or article? No pressure, ha ha. ‘Expats in Italy’ is a popular genre

    • Thank you. I have actually written something which I finished about 2 months ago and am now planning to read over and see if I still like it . And am writing something between a book and a diary of this year. What a year! Writing the blog is good for me. It’s like having someone to tell how my day went after work.

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