Summer in Pisticci…..3 difficult things before breakfast…..

And then all the rest. None of the difficult things were very difficult in reality. It is just that I don’t like reminding people about things or in any way feeling like I am being a nuisance and so I find excuses not to do anything and it goes on and on and on. Then I do it and I feel great and usually nothing bad happens

. After a successful start to the day I went to the doctor to collect a prescription but when I got there, there were so many people waiting that I just came home again. But at least I got some exercise .

It is very warm now.

I ‘ve been working all day on the second pottery painter panel. It is coming along . I changed one or two colours in the first one to match the second. I thought it was important that they matched. Tomorrow I need to decorate all the pots. I need to stand on a chair to paint the ones on the shelf.

It’s been a quiet, but busy day. Nothing much happened. ( so far!)

The little cat came inside for a visit and that was about the most exciting thing to happen.

Now bells are ringing and it’s wine time again..

Might eat fish fingers later…..

View fron the terrace outside the doctor’s surgery.
This morning before I began work
Some progress……way to go yet.

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