Summer in Pisticci…..good working week…..

Even I think that 4 paintings in a week ( not counting the one I did at the weekend) is a reasonable week’s work. If theoretically I sold them all for an average of €50 each then that would be enough money to live on for a month ( nearly) .

However I do need to sell them and it doesn’t matter how many likes I get on facebook or instagram so far I can’t pay electric or wifi bills by painting.

I have in the past paid the dentist, the plumber, the wifi fixing man and others by portrait. That was cool.!

And this year’s family christmas gifts were all ink and watercolour sketches of their Christmas living rooms. Better ( and in my case) cheaper than socks etc.

I imagine that kind friends have bought paintings for friends or themselves knowing that it will help me out. Am fairly sure that has been the case sometimes.

Am sitting here tonight, inside because it is too distracting outside. Have put my starry dress on again. This morning I found 2 bottles of possible fake tan so applied both of them . Now I have quite orange legs ….and the less said about the shaving rash the better. However the dress is long and I think my ankles look better orange than white. If I don’t look to close it all looks fine.

I am happy that it is the weekend. I think there is a small exhibition That I am part of happening tomorrow evening. My painting is all ready.

Today I fixed an older painting, finished my latest Pisticci one and then started and completed one of my door with flowers on either side.I think the stone carvings of James and me add a bit of interest. I am pleased with how it went.

I am getting a little confused lately as am listening to audiobooks while I paint, reading another mystery when I go to bed and watching a new series called “Anna Lee ” on youtube. There are a lot of characters to mix up.

Hurray ….it’s the weekend. I’ve had a productive week. ( I might even go and buy wood to make stretchers tomorrow😀)

Cheers… drinking the good wine tonight. 🍷🍷

Today’s painting.
Cheers !!


  1. Hi Bellabasilicata, I am enjoying reading your sharings. I am an artist in USA. I am not as accomplished, and I must say I loved your painting today.
    this is ink and watercolor? the potted plants, the doors and the curtain are such a atmosphere that I do enjoy.
    hope you do well on the exhibition of your painting. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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