Summer in Pisticci……an hour outside the doctor’s surgery…….

Am back home now having made an ” executive” decision to go again tomorrow……..At first it was quite pleasant sitting outside on the top of a wall which I was remind myself had no back and if I forgot and leaned back I would fall about 25 feet onto steps outside the pizzeria. But everyone else was sitting on it ….. There were about 6 people already waiting when I arrived and by the time I left an hour later maybe 3 people had been seen. I decuded not to go into the waiting room as it was hot but I could see the lady who was before me.

I told myself that I had nothing else to do and it was a pleasant place to wait. By now I was standing outside the door as was convinced that I would somehow fall off the wall.

However when another lady went inside, and although people are very good about knowing who is next, I got fed up and left. I thought about telling someone as by now there were other people waiting outside but decided they probably wouldn’t understand me.

I think that maybe I will go back tomorrow morning……. I only wanted a repeat prescription.

I have put my long starry dress on tonight. Am wearing it with pink fleecy slipper socks and have decided that fake tan up to my knees is neccessary. It is not a particularly elegant outfit. I probably should have ironed the dress but as am not expecting visitors or going anywhere I think that ironing it might feel a little desperate……like looking all pretty incase someone called by. ( I would iron it if I went out wearing it. )

Have spent all day painting the 3d Pisticci painting. I think it is nearly finished but I will look at it tomorrow morning and see if it needs more done.

And now after a very hot long day starting by realising I would have probably been spending a few days in Tuscany with my family if life had been normal…’s wine time.

Might get myself a little bit organised at the weekend with some different clothes, fake tan and a vague plan to keep me occupied in a rather empty August.( I could always hang out outside the doctor’s as a last resort…) 😀

View from doctor’s terrace looking towards my house
And looking towards the sea.
Nearly finished. The pretty corner near my little house for sale……

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