Summer in Pisticci. …..sawing is hard work…

Even though I am getting better at it and the saw doesn’t stick so much and the plastic angle thingy has not been sliding about so much since I put it on a bath mat it is quite tricky knowing where to put my legs as I am sitting on the floor sawing and stapling and cutting , pulling and hammering. Am also barefoot so is important to remember that when using a hammer or stanley knife.

Despite these minor difficulties I made 3 more stretched canvases and put a support in the back of the big painting. ( which is still nice and tight…hurray!!!) So I have used up all my wood.

It was a strange morning. I have not been sleeping well and had bad dreams or woke up and worried about things that might happen. As a result of this I am thinking about making up a hospital bag in case of an emergency full of things I think are neccessary , like decongestant, ( got allergies) razors , dont want to have a moustache, touch colour and some other essential to me stuff which I might not like to ask for. ….

I bought another box of hairdye when I went to the supermarket today. I now have 3 boxes of hairdye in my lockdown box….no food or toilet rolls.

Anyways it was a bit gloomy outside and so was I.

I thought maybe I would write about it in my second book thing. ( have gone off the first one.) Though I have got an idea for a short story.

Back to this morning….. I went outside and started writing and I began to feel happier…how strange was that.

All this time I have been thinking that I needed to make myself write and if I didn’t stick to a routine then ” lazy ” me would not bother. Curious. !

After breakfast and shopping/ weight lifting. ( potatoes and wine today) I found out that my oldest granchild had done well in her exams. That was lovely. ( made me feel quite tearful.) So a bit of sawing was just what I needed.

Have been a little worried about what to paint next . That is, a subject that I like, but is also commercial. Finally about 4pm I sorted out my next images.. If I am bored with something am sure it shows.

So I am all ready with my new home made canvases and subjects to paint starting tomorrow.

And now I really need to relax ……. 🍷

I want to paint this but I dont think it would be popular here. I love the shapes and colours.
This would be a more popular subject.
All my own work. I don’t think I believed I could do it. 😀😀

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