Summer in Pisticci ….yawn……

Am definitely in a not doing very much mode. I think I have ” scunnered” myself painting all the little Pisticci paintings and haven’t come up with a new plan yet.

I suppose I could do one more to replace the one I sold yesterday…. but I need a new scene.

So today I met a friend for coffee and so got some exercise.

I half heartedly tried to fix a painting which just can’t be fixed.

Read a bit. Arranged to meet someone tomorrow who wants to look at paintings.

Read some more.

Had lunch. Fell asleep.

Decided I might as well do the shopping as it was a little overcast. Was a bit depressing as I could have bought more , but didn’t as it would have been too heavy. May need to consider going twice. ( Or better still get a friend with a car so I could stockpile for another lockdown. One cannot eat hairdye.🤔)

I have a table full of prints in mounts to measure and take apart…..maybe tomorrow.

It’s a hot wind outside now. It used to be so strange when I would scooter home to the country and it was like riding into a hairdryer.

I will eventually perk up again and get interested to do something ….but not today.

I have a reasonable selection of paintings …..
Am lucky to have this lovely “blowy” tree at the end of my street. It is very flexible.

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