Summer in Pisticci……slowly getting back to work

As I was not specially inspired to paint anything today I made it easy for myself by painting the sides of 2 paintings which makes them more finished and also now they don’t need to be framed. If I had known it was going to take an hour and a half…I might however have just painted the sides white instead of extending the painting.

Then, being in a sorting mode I hauled out the painting I tried to fix the other day and 2 others and painted over them with white acrylic wall paint. That is usually a good feeling. Like deciding ” I am better than that.”

After that I managed to find 3 scenes which might fit these canvases and drew out the first one.

Inbetween that my new naples yellow paint, white paint, lipstick and hair colour spray arrived. One delivered by the postman to my house and the others delivered to a friend’s house nearby. And another postman delivered my wifi bill earlier. I don’t know why…..I am just glad they get here. And my Wifi bill with its” if you don’t pay this within 15 days you will be switched off section” arrived before the end of the 15 days grace unlike the last 2 times when I had to rush out and pay it the same day.

Someone gave me a very nice printed glossy brochure on Saturday which I was about to throw out until I noticed that it was for an exhibition in Pisticci and I knew most of the artists. I missed it altogether.

That is what seems not right about this year. I considered having a small exhibition in my house , but decided that would involve strangers and possibly tourists in my house and I would have to have rules. And it is possible that even if I heard about the exhibition I might not have gone as it was inside.

However I am supposed to meet someone tonight who wants to look at my recent paintings.

I also used some of my new naples yellow to add some highlights to my sunset painting as advised by one of my artist friends.

Now I had better go and get ready to go out.

With added highlights……
Someone bought this dress on I earn around €6. But it was very cheering and I have lots of other wildly colourful and interesting things for sale.
Ready to start painting tomorrow probably…..

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