September in Pisticci… ……

What a lovely time I had in the big supermarket today. For one thing …there was chocolate….and there was such a big range of food. I didn’t look at the fresh food as my mission was to restock my store cupboard but there was so much to look at.

I came home with 7 bars of chocolate, 6 bottles of lemonade, 4ltrs of wine , and various other sensible things, including, lentils, beans, pasta, curry powder, tinned olives etc etc.

After lunch , before the liberal feeling of being able to spend money wore off I walked to the local supermarket to buy things I had forgotten, like melon, peanuts, biscuits, more veg in jars , soya milk, frozen onions and more. While I was there I got another portrait commission which was very cheering.

So that was all very satisfactory.

Then I went to inspect the stool I had painted green this morning and put in the shower room. Unfortunately I had not been very even with the paint so it looked a bit lumpy. I had been going to leave it plain. But it was not to be so now it has 3 nice white daisies . I am quite pleased with the result.

Finally after printing out photos so I can make a plan for the portrait and watering the flowers I went outside to write this. As I glanced up the street J noticed that the castle is all decorated with what looks like bunting. I have no idea why.

However , it is Friday and I have a very lovely shower room, a cupboard full of ” useful ” food, more money in my envelope, a painting to finish and a commission to begin. And a night out tomorrow to look forward to.

Happy Friday 🍷🍷🍷

Store cupboard replenished
Daisy covered stool.
Flags up at the castle.

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