September in Pisticci…….

Am going shopping to a big supermarket tomorrow and I am so excited. I have not been in anything but the small supermarket in Pisticci which is nearest my house since the end of February.

I did my first restock of my store cupboard today since I tidied it and threw out the things more than 5 years out of date. I will not be replacing them. If I didn’t use them in 5 years then I probably wouldn’t use them again.

My plan was to go shopping again tomorrow and buy a second week’s shopping. Then on the way home I wondered if just maybe I should ask a friend if they were going to a bigger supermarket, if I could come along. It means that weight would not be an issue. I might even buy lemonade. And I can buy things based on price and not solely weight. I feel like I will be going to an aladdins cave full of interesting choices and am worried I will either freeze because of all the choice or go overboard and buy everything I have wanted for months but didn’t buy. I am making a list….but plan to be flexible. What an adventure. We are also going to a winery!! Hurray!!

I meant to work on my new still life this morning but couldn’t concentrate. I thought that I would at least set out some new fresh colours on my palette. I have 2 plastic trays which I use as palette. I fold several layers of kitchen roll in the base of one, wet it and then cut a piece of baking paper and press it on top. I have been doing that for years and in winter my paint (acrylic) will stay wet for up to a week. The second tray acts as a lid. However I still had quite a lot of green and red paint and some other mixtures left. I wasn’t going to need green in the still life and anyways it feels better to properly start a new painting with new paint.

I now have 2 painted flower pots behind my sink in the shower room. It only took about 10 minutes and I made myself throw out the rest of the paint before I found anywhere else to use it. I wouldn’t really recommend this, but I was lucky and it looks fine. It can’t be right that just using up old paint should be a good thing…..unless it’s underneath a new work.

Eventually I got started on the still life . I am not too happy with it so far but there is still a lot to do.

Today I managed to not look at twitter so much. But what if I missed Scotland becoming independent or Boris johnson resigning or the Conservative MP s waking up and having a coup. Or someone finding a cure for the virus. Or ….anything….

Now it’s wine time and soon will be cooking fish fingers. And tomorrow I should be going to a fantastical place full of food for sale……😀😀

I like this.
Work in progress.

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