September in Pisticci …..and the very bad dream….

It was not being a good night’s sleep and I had already made and drank camomile tea.

I must have dozed off and the next thing I knew I was awake because there was something very wrong. I think I grabbed my clothes and dragged them on before going outside . People were standing about and as I looked I could see the end of the street had fallen away down the hillside. The garage was gone and my house was now the last one in the street. It was dark, but not so dark that I couldn’t  see. It was bad. My house might topple over next.  I thought I’d better rush inside and grab as much as I could while there was time , but when I went inside it was not my house . It was only  empty white plastered rooms. No painted walls, no furniture, no paintings . Nothing. I went further in because I couldn’t  believe my rooms had just disappeared , but although I searched for doorways and looked up incase somehow I was in a cellar .There was nothing there.I was trying to find the big key to my other house so I could get in there.  Eventually when I realised everything was gone. I came outside again. There were still people standing about.  The next minute smoke started to billow out through the door and I retreated with the other people further up the street as a fire took hold and flames appeared at the windows. ………

And then I woke up for real.

I have studied interpreting dreams a lot of years ago. So I am always curious as to what my unconscious is getting up to. At a rough guess this might have  been about moving on personally. And I think it was interesting that yesterday I attempted to make myself more secure  by buying enough food to last me several weeks incase I had to stay at home again. (Ha ha….!)

I am just sitting here thinking about how pretty and colourful and loved I have made this old house that is full of cracks and yucky plaster and bent walls. I feel more comfortable here than I have anywhere. I always felt attracted to damaged things , but this is the closest I’ve come to  healing my house/ myself. I always felt a little disconnected in my other little house as it was so beautiful and perfect. I think I felt I didn’t  deserve it.

The feeling has hung around all day. 

However it was my dream so more interesting to me than anyone else . back to real life.

Spent an hour or so designing  my next portrait commission this morning as I am combining photos. I drew it on my kindle fire and it’s  approved so will begin on monday. Who would have thought when I learned to draw on a screen that it would be so useful.

After lunch I drew my current still life set up on my kindle just for fun.

Haven’t  really done much else today. It’s  Saturday so will go out and meet a friend soon.

Has been a strange day…….

Plan to work on actual painting tomorrow.
Last of the oleander flowers. ( and the flags at the castle are an art installation.)

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