September in Pisticci…..still life and new audio book.

It has been a relaxing sort of day when I did more painting than I expected to.

I probably should have gone out for a walk this morning , but I have told myself that I will go for a “walk” every week day but not necessarily at the weekend. Whether ” myself ” will take any notice remains to be seen.

However I did surprise myself by starting painting before lunch time and then carrying on all afternoon.

Part of the reason might have been that I found a new audio book which I am really enjoying. Its about 9 hours long . Other than sometimes getting muddled with the book I am reading it makes time spent painting fly by.

I am not completely happy with the result so am going to change the portrait at the back for a daylight landscape of the same view as is in the gold frame. I like the “things” to be related and the evening scene and the triple portraits were both in competitions. Still morning and evening of the same view will do. There may be some artistic word for what is wrong with the arrangement as it is , but I don’t know what it would be. Which is why I think teaching art is a skill I don’t have. Mostly I just “go for it”. And keep on until it feels “right. “

Am sitting outside tonight . I am drinking winery wine, which means it is more or less completely additive free. It also tastes better than the supermarket stuff. It feels nice to have better wine on a Sunday.

Think I may need to get a little bossy with “myself” about exercise.

But it is still Sunday……so will just chill a bit more.

Just not quite right still……
Think I will add this…..

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