September in Pisticci…. porage oats, portraits and pink……

It was a good busy Monday.

I started my new regime of going out to walk somewhere on week days by walking to a further away supermarket which is out of town and down a steepish hill. I was determined to buy porage oats. My lockdown store cupboard was not complete without them. ( I made a rough menu of meals I could have if I was absolutely stuck at home and couldn’t get out at all and they were: breakfast and part of energy balls made with peanut butter and raisins. )

I am still smiling about the dream I had when I did my my big stockpile shop.( my house fell over and burned down..) so much for being secure with enough food. I think it is nice that my unconscious has a sense of humour.

It was only 15 minutes walk there and 15 uphill back. And I did stop to take photos.

Back home I drew the heads for my portrait commission , which is 2 small double portraits the same…plus a scenic background. It is more complicated than I thought as it is from a selfie and the head is distorted. Also I wanted to make both heads a similar size , which they weren’t. Am getting there .

Then I wondered if I changed a few little things on my still life I could keep the triple portrait. So I fiddled about with it and finally decided it would do. It was quite interesting changing little bits and pieces. I think I will make the next one less complicated………

Finally ….Pink. There are pink ribbons and flowers all over the main streets in Pisticci. And Marconia. Something very bad happened and people are angry and very , very upset and shocked. It has even been reported in British newspapers, though nothing about the ” pink” or the sign outside the commune saying ” we are not all the same. The community asks your pardon.” . My apologies if I have translated that completely wrong. Nothing like that has happened in the 15 years I have been here and judging by people’s reactions not before that either.

Now it’s wine time. It rained about 10 minutes ago but only for a very short time.

Got the expensive fish fingers tonight which I bought by accident and I don’t like.

The more or less finished painting…..have since, given the candle a shadow.
A bit of this and that weather
A little shed I saw on way to supermarket.

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