September in Pisticci…..more shopping….

Only my normal shopping this time. But on the way back as I marched ( not trudged) up the hill from the supermarket I considered that carrying a reasonably heavy rucksack  once a week was probably quite good for me. How I have changed!! 

This morning I googled ” was berlusconi worse than boris johnson.”  And found a very interesting article which was vaguely cheering and fairly informative. I have no idea how to put it on here , but it can be found on my twitter page.  I have been feeling a little bit guilty that I am probably  staying in Italy for the forseable  future  and relieved that I am not part of the mess that is the UK.  I am a bit worried about Scotland and Independence, and this is just my personal opinion , but in the past England almost always beat the Scots and I am hoping that there won’t be  a lot of shouting and protesting and then nothing. I think that there is no reason Scotland couldn’t be a great country on it’s own …lots of other countries are, but centuries of being maybe a bit downtrodden and getting used to losing could be just too hard to get over. Maybe there is a reason why I have read several times articles comparing Scotland to an abused partner in a relationship. They need to get out for sure, but have they got the confidence and courage to believe they can make it on their own or will it be a case of better the ” devil you know.”.

As I haven’t lived there now for more than 15 years maybe things have changed.

Anyways enough of that. Even if there is a referendum I won’t be able to vote as I don’t live there for now.

So back to sunny Italy or should I say thundery Italy. I think that might explain my sore head and lack of enthusiasm for work. However I have more or less completed 2 faces today. Which was my plan. I need to repeat this tomorrow and then I can enjoy painting the backgrounds.

It is always a good feeling when I look at faces I have painted and they are smiling at me. And these are.

All this living with even more uncertainty than normal ….the new normal …I suppose is a little tricky. I have been watching some short David Hockney videos and he says he lives ” in the now” . He also says he is very excited about new ways of painting. He makes me smile and feel good. And ” the now” is fine.

Wine time and another episode of Vera. Not bad at all. 😀

Writing on the doorstep……

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