September in Pisticci….didn’t I do well…..

Am sitting here feeling pleased with myself. Despite a slow and uninspired beginning I have managed to fill my day with relatively useful things. I think I am resigned to being more of a human doing than a human being.

So…. after getting up , having breakfast on the doorstep and 3 minutes yoga. Followed by about an hour on twitter ( there is so much happening !) and putting off going shopping I went back to lying on my bed and read for a while.

Today , I told myself ,I was not going to criticise myself . So it was ok to lie about and read.

After 5 minutes I was bored so I put drain cleaner down both sinks where it made a very satisfying exploding hissing noise. Hopefully that will mean the water will now drain away quicker. Thus inspired ….and to my surprise I cleaned the sink with Vim and then the basin . After that it was back to reading again for another 10 minutes.

Next, I finally contacted the client about the latest portraits. Followed by fixing my little plug in things for storing info on and now I can save things again .

I was on a roll now so I daringly looked for a youtube video on publishing a book on amazon more or less for free. Found one and watched all of it.

By now it was lunch time.

Closely followed by watching Nicola sturgeon live. I don’t always do that but I was a little worried about family. I don’t know how she does it. I imagine having janey godley say all the things she can’t might help. I am glad she is keeping an eye on Scotland.

As I had fixed the saving thing there was no reason not to write something. So I did.

Then I heard thunder . Shopping was next on the list. It was lovely to meet an old friend on the way . I am definitely getting fitter now. Much less trudging home and more striding ..

It was only 3.30pm. Sometimes it seems a very long day.

Next my client arrived. Liked the portraits, paid and took them away. That was good. I never feel completely finished until a portrait is gone .

Then it rained and the little cat came in and stayed for a while. I’ve decided to call it ” covid” as it keeps a distance.

Found more David Hockney short films . And was inspired to draw anther view from my doorstep.

And now it is wine time again. Hurray!🍷

Enjoy drawing on my kindle…
Covid the cat is under the table waiting till the the rain goes off.
A little bit of Pisticci life. These boxes are thrown down from the top balcony and then stored next door. No warning …..just bang bang !!!

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