September in Pisticci…..maybe sometimes moaning about what I don’t have is not a bad thing……..

Right now the biggest thing I don’t have is a plan , but I will think of something….hopefully soon.

But one of the littler things I don’t have and I was feeling fed up about is a biggish screen to use when painting portraits. I am tired of using my phone screen. I used to have a good printer which would print a very clear image on thicker paper , but my cheaper one won’t . So I can only print on normal paper and the image isn’t very good . It is good enough to get the features in the right place , but that is about all.

So I use my phone screen to zoom in on eyes etc and I manage.

However it is not great. I tried using my laptop but I couldn’t always get it anywhere close or high enough .

I have been watching other artists demonstrating on youtube and none of them are painting using their phones.

Today I was so annoyed with myself that I decided I would sort this problem instead of moaning about it or telling myself I was lucky I had a phone, or that people asked me to paint portraits, or etc etc……

It was during lockdown when there was no one to help and nowhere to buy anything that I got even more creative with what was already in the house.

So today I made an adjustable computer stand using a ladder, an oven tray thingy and some thin rope. I am very pleased with it.

After that I went to collect a prescription from the doctor’s, then to the farmacia, said ” buona sera” to a few people and was so happy I bought a melon.

I really need a plan. ……..

It’s dark now and I have a glass of wine. Tomorrow I must go out for a walk. That could be part of the bigger plan.

Possible new set up 💪💪
Close up of invention. 😀

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