September in Pisticci….another Sunday….

After another night of troubled sleep I woke up feeling a bit down this morning.. Usually I tell myself that I will cheer up when I’ve had a coffee or alternatively that I am an idiot for looking at twitter before a coffee. Today I couldn’t be bothered with either and decided I would just let myself be fed up. How bad could it be? It was very relaxing not having to bully myself into being cheerful or criticise myself for bring stupid. So after about 5 minutes I felt much better.

I found about 6 ripe strawberries and now that I have bought chocolate in the big supermarket it was very pleasant sitting outside with coffee.

I decided to go for a walk as soon as possible….and before the mild enthusiasm for exercise left.

To be fair it has been a long hot summer and by 9am it is hot outside.

I set off up the red brick road and apart from being barked at by 2 big dogs (.chained up.) And accosted by a friendly little one who wanted it’s tummy rubbed and wouldn’t go away until I did. I met no one..

At the top of the hill I bravely thought that I would take a different route home. That was fun. I greeted someone working on a wall and saw some people out working on their gardens and someone I know asked if I was out for a walk. Living on my own makes all these little interactions much more important than they might appear.

When I got back I was planning which way I could go the next time.

After fiddling about with the eyebrows on the current portrait and doing the washing I considered buying some decent paint brushes. The cheap ones I bought for detailed work are not very good .

So I ordered 3 from the Uk. Then as I was feeling a bit guilty about spending money it occurred to me that maybe it was a good thing to buy from the UK now anything I can’t get here. Advice from Twitter would agree . Was quite pleased with myself for inadvertently doing something sensible.

I found some more David Hockney short films and in one he was looking at cigarette butts on the floor and saying even they were beautiful. So I was inspired to get out my Kindle and draw my view from my doorstep. I started it 4 times as I wasn’t sure which angle to work from. I am pleased with the result.

Now my plan is to try and stay awake until.10pm. ( I often have this plan…)

View from doorstep
Another part of Pisticci seen on my walk.

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