September in Pisticci……drawing the calanche

The plan was to go out for a walk and take my kindle along with me incase I was inspired to draw anything.

Having got to the top of the hill….only mildly out of breath I found a suitable place to have a seat and it seemed like an idea to just draw what was in front of me. It was not an easy subject. But I have a sort of masochistic streak whereby I need to do the most difficult things to prove myself.

It was actually quite pleasant. Nobody bothered me and I started with a very loose drawing and gradually tightened it up. I wasn’t sure even when it was finished if it would be recogniseable.

One strange thing was that I eventually took off my glasses and drew most of it without them. They are longer distance and I couldn’t see the screen so well. I could then see the screen well and enough of the calanche to manage .

Feeling very successful I decided to walk back past the castle towards the church and on the way check out some other possible views. That would mean somewhere I could sit to draw. It’s so much easier than taking canvas and paint. So I found my next drawing.

I was just about to take photo of another suitable scene with a wall to sit on when a lady came out of the house and after a coffee, tour of her fascinating little house, and a play with her gorgeous little dog I am going to paint that scene for her.

I am beginning to understand that I really do need some human contact.

So I strolled back home and checked out twitter, spoke to my daughter about the new rules in Scotland and it was lunch time.

I have now drawn my next painting and plan to begin it tomorrow.

I might even do some more kindle drawings of Pisticci and put them on redbubble.

Also I was thinking that I should go out more so that this blog is as much about Pisticci as the inside of my head.

Am sitting outside writing this where it is blowing a warm gale. I think a plan is coming together. ………

Looking down on the calanche…..
It was much more interesting in real life than in this photo.
My next painting will be of this scene I think.
The tree at the end of my street looks lovely when the wind blows.

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