September  in Pisticci…..where did the peace go……

It’s  been an awfully full day today.

Not a bad day.

Just feels like my head is too full.

However thinking doesn’t  usually help so on with what made it such a full day……

It started with me walking up the red brick road and then sitting on the steps of the water tower while I drew another Pisticci scene.  It worked  very well .I was relatively comfortable and no one parked right in front of me. ( one time I was painting a scene from life in another town and a truck pulled up in front of me and started to take all the furniture out of the house I had been painting. )  But today , apart from some guys who seemed to be inspecting the water tower it all went fine.

I really like that this feels, to me , like a design.

Then back home a friend came for a visit.  ( and brought fruit.) I took a good photo of it so I can paint it… point in pretending I wouldn’t  eat it before I got round to painting.

I think this will make a great square painting.

After lunch I tested out my new computer stand. It needs some fine tuning. I started my next painting…but it wasn’t as much fun as  drawing this morning. Though I did get to listen to my new Rizzoli and Isles audiobook.

Laptop needs plugged in so screen is brighter

After that I “twittered ” a bit.

And now it’s wine time. Tomorrow is Katy’s  40th birthday.

Some of this might be tomorrows scene. There is a convenient doorstep. 

That was a first for me…..fitting the photos in amongst the script. 

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