September in Pisticci…..Katy’s birthday

It started when I couldn’t sleep and got to thinking about when she was born and how her dad , an incorrigible bletherer disappeared for about 2 hours and was eventually found in the janitors office at the hospital entrance ….meanwhile Ì was chilling in the labour ward having had an epidural and wondering if she was going to be born before he turned up.

However I woke up feeling happy this morning thinking that Katy was one of the big successes in my life. I often wonder how my children got to be as grown up, sensible, funny and kind.

And all day I have had a nice happy feeling as if I was celebrating with her even though we havent been together since Christmas and I don’t know when the next time will be.

My part homemade birthday card arrived and looked just fine. I sent her a message this morning incase it didn’t and we chatted on the phone so I know what she is doing all day.

I just sent her a selfie so that I feel even more there. ( though it helped that I looked about 20 years younger than I am in it. ) She said she would be very happy if she looked like that when she was my age. 😀

And now it’s wine time . There is a gale blowing outside and I had to find a scarf and a thin jumper. It will likely be more “Vera ” on youtube and maybe fish fingers later on tonight for me . Katy is going out for sushi.

Did I mention it’s her 40th birthday.

Now for some photos……

Celebrating in Scotland
Looking young in Pisticci.
A winetime clock….. designed by me.

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