October in Pisticci…..all my parcels came at once….

I didn’t  really start today until lunchtime. After not sleeping until 3am I was not fit for much.

However after lunch the postman arrived with a parcel for me. He always calls out my name and is unfailingly smiley. He brought my new coffee grinder which I will use to make peanut butter. ( the old one literally went bang along with a blue flash and burning smell )

Then for some reason I looked in the hole in the wall which is my post box and there was a another parcel. It was a little machine which supposedly will shine a light up my nose and stop me feeling like I have a permanent cold. We will see ….but as I need a battery I can’t try it out till tomorrow.

There was also a bins tax bill for €188. I have to pay for my other house too. 😩 It occurred to me that the next time this bill arrived I might have a pension.

Next thing was not a parcel , but friends bearing gifts. A pile of canvases. That was lovely. I think I will paint food on them. .

So I sat down to write this and there was a message on my phone from my good neighbour to say he had a parcel for me.( the delivery man ….despite knowing where I live….leaves my parcels with him.) That was 3 lipsticks. Because along with hairdye lipstick is one of life ‘s essentials.

In between receiving parcels I worked some more on the portrait that is not going so well….I think I can see what to to do next to fix it ….and I learned how to do backgrounds.

Then I counted the change I had dumped in a vase when my purse got too heavy and I have €30. 😀

That would be 3 guilt free Saturday outings then.

I am nearly finished the good wine. I haven’t lit the stove because I’m not cold( and I am thinking about the €188 bill. ) but I went shopping today so I have fish fingers……

Life is good.🍷

Still working on this….every day it gets a little better
A pile of canvases….😀
Possible plan for new painting.

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