October in Pisticci…..nice working day…..

After yesterday’s “scary” day, today was much better.

I have been such a ” hard working ” person. ( at least relatively…. not compared to a coal miner or a dairy farmer or a teacher etc….,) but compared to myself I did okay today.

Started by getting up at 6am as that seems to suit me. By 9am I had written for 45 minutes , done yoga, had breakfast, drawn today’s project sketch, gone for a walk up the hill and taken photos, checked up on twitter news and sent all my whatsapp morning greetings.

I had found an app that increased the size of my images on my phone and enlarged 2 of them quite successfully.

I was thinking about going back to bed when luckily my daughter contacted me  and after an hour on the phone I was energised enough to put 2 more images on redbubble.com. 

By then somehow it was lunch time.

After lunch I started work again on the portrait which had scared me yesterday. It was not easy, but I am just learning after all.

Have worked on that off and on all afternoon and finally it has a resemblance to the actual person. I decided it would be a good idea to come back to it tomorrow.

And now I am exhausted and waiting for a friend to arrive.

I just looked out the window and there was the little cat sitting on the doorstep. It’s  cold and wet out there so now it’s  cold in here too as I have to leave the door open a bit till it’s  finished eating . If I shut the door I think it would be scared.

I’ve  lit the stove now. I have a glass of wine and the cat has left so the door is shut. Got my joggers on that I bought in Parma and wore a lot when I was staying in the hospital with James. I can’t remember the exact date of the accident 3 years ago. It was this week, but even then I couldn’t remember which day it was.

Today’s drawing on a laptop cover on redbubble.com
The red brick road to the castle……
Another of my drawings as a print on redbubble.com

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