Now it’s November in Pisticci…a “footery” sort of day……

“Footery ” means , as I have always used it, to do a bit of this and a bit of that and not really acheive very much. More just keeping yourself occupied to pass the time.

I spent some time sitting outside at my table writing an email this morning. That was fun. It was a lovely morning again. I was inspired to fix the last tablet painting I did which had most of the colours in it that I saw yesterday. I needed to make the foreground come forward a bit. I think it’s okay now.

It was one of these days when it is cold in my house and warm outside. I just can’t bring myself to close the door and light the stove when I know there is free heat outside.

It makes life a little tricky as even wearing 2 thick jumpers and a scarf over a polo neck I can’t seem to stay warm if I am working with my laptop or painting. So I have to keep stopping and going outside to get warm.

To get warm at one point I went for a walk up the pink brick road to do some more painting on my tablet ,or not . ( I have to tell myself I can just go for a walk or I would find an excuse not to go.)

I found a suitable spot to sit in the sun facing the calanche. I think I lasted about 20 minutes before I got too …..yes, hot. ( and to be fair sitting on the edge of a brick wall isn’t so comfy.

As I am at least 15 years younger than David Hockney I feel a little embarrassed by my lack of stamina.

I’ve spent a lot of time ” footering” on my tablet trying get ” google docs” or something similar to download so that I could use it for writing as well as my laptop . It would give me more flexibility I thought …….like what, I am not sure…..writing in a cafe….no they are all shut, sitting in the piazza…..not on these stone cold benches….outside at my table….maybe , if the sun was in the right direction. I wasted about 2 hours trying this. I just don’t like to be beaten. 😬🤔

Finally I spent the last hour and a half working on my calanche painting. It’s not finished. I might go back tomorrow and finish off the foreground. It is horrendously complicated and I haven’t yet worked out ( like lots of artists I admire) how to do a few shapes with a line here and there to represent them. So using a photo helped me get things roughly in order.

I finally allowed myself to light the stove at 3pm. Now I’m lovely and warm ,got a glass of good wine, jazz playing and another new crime series on youtube to come.


Work in progress.
The actual view….
The upgraded colourful scene from near my door.


    • Thank you. I enjoy the effects Possible on a screen and the fact that Its much easier to carry a tablet about than paints and canvas etc. One of the benefits of lockdown was time to learn how to do it.
      Less cases of virus here today. Stay safe.

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