Now it’s November in Pisticci….can’t  concentrate  tonight….

It has been a very pleasant day. 

I decided to go to the further away supermarket and buy porage oats. The only place that sells them in Pisticci. It would also be good exercise.  Going anywhere in Pisticci means going up or down hills.

The road to the supermarket is sort of closed. I don’t  know how to describe  it otherwise.  But luckily  cars can still drive up and down or they would have no customers. As often happens I have no idea  what is going on. Being a pedestrian I just strolled on regardless.

The highlight of my visit was finding a large pack of pocket coffee at a reduced price. I first discovered  pocket coffee when James was in hospital and I spent a lot of time running for buses and trains and through hospital car parks. There was no time to stop for coffee but I always had at least one packet in my rucksack. It kept me going.

I have put the packet in the cupboard so that if we are locked down again I can have 18 treats. 😀

Then I moved all my paintings out of my other little house and left it tidy. And did a load of washing.  Nice satisfactory jobs…..not like spending 2 hours on a computer with nothing to show for it.

After lunch I  spent more than an hour looking at paintings on an online gallery. It’s  always interesting to see what people are painting. Almost anything , it looks like. And what a lot of money paintings cost.  I recognised  some of the artists I follow on Instagram.

It must have been warmer today as I didn’t have to keep going outside to get warm. Now it looks as if it might rain.

Oh…and the reason I can’t concentrate is that my hand is swelling up a bit and is really itchy. I have no idea what I have done to it. If it’s worse tomorrow I might go to the farmacia. Luckily it’s my right hand.

I can’t believe it’s Friday again.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Outside now..
Special . Italian treat
On the way to the supermarkrt…

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