Now it’s November in Pisticci…..can’t recommend starting the day at 1am……

To be honest over this last 3 weeks the days have seemed quite long and it’s a relief when it gets dark. I don’t like feeling like that . I want my days to count not just be endured or passed….if that’s possible.

So starting today at 1am was just ridiculous.

It was at least partly my own fault as I was reading quite a gripping book on my kindle. Before I knew it …it was 3am. ( and I hadn’t finished the book) I put it down and tried closing my eyes and even taking very slow breaths as that sometimes helps. But straight away into my mind came thoughts of how I was going to get this darn form signed and stamped, followed by a list of other small problems. After 5 minutes I gave up. Picked up the book and carried on reading to the end. In the middle of this I got up and made some camomile tea , but still no sleep. Eventually around 5am I gave up and decided it was morning.

So started my day.

It was quite pleasant for the first couple of hours as I stumbled about putting the bins out and doing 5 salutes to the sun. Not at the same time.

The forecast was for rain .I had planned to stay home and maybe do another drawing while I waited for a an email from the comune. Still waiting. ( Don’t actually know they got mine.)

It rained and I looked for free art courses online and then decided I would prefer to learn something else other than art.

That led to watching David Suchet taking a trip on tbe Orient Express which I enjoyed very much. (I have a vague recollection of having seen the orient express in the railway station in Venice when I was there for the day.)

I spent some time thinking about how it had occurred to me in the middle of the night that I had had to be a ” big girl” from when I was one year old and the impact it had on me. My diary writing today was a bit bleak to start with , but as usual cheered me up. I am enjoying writing it as two people.

Finally I watched a short video on fast plein air painting by a guy from New Zealand who has a nice voice.

Years ago on a counselling course I learned ( I think) that people learn in different ways. Some like to start at the beginning and methodically work through things. Others like to see the whole picture and have a go immediately and gradually learn bits and pieces as they go along. I fall in the second category.

Now it’s nearly 6pm. Have managed to fill in the day quite satisfactorily. Am hoping for a longer night’s sleep tonight and normal length day tomorrow……yawn!!!

Cosy inside with ” good ideas ” book.

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