Now it’s November in Pisticci…too little sleep and complicated stuff…

Not a good idea. Was awake at 4.30am again . Still waking up worried about the ” darn document” and various other things.

My email to the comune didn’t go. And won’t go. I could phone a friend and ask for help. But this morning I was muddled and really upset at my inability to do anything ever in the whole world and that I would probably be thrown out of Italy and end up homeless in Scotland with cold sores. I was obviously very very tired. Luckily I had enough sense left to phone my sister .

I did try to stop myself getting upset in the past by reminding myself that I would get a cold sore.. It worked so and so….

The morning passed and by lunch time I was more or less normal.again.

This afternoon I painted my chair on my tablet. I love the colours and the shapes. It’s a little bit wonderful how this new skill has made me feel so much more free and confident.

A little town nearby has another 22 cases of the virus and 2 people have died. I think there may be close to 200 people infected now there.

There are only about 25 in pisticci/ marconia. But over 200 new cases today in this region.

Mostly staying home seems like a good idea.

It looks like the weather is turning colder, but it was still possible to leave the door open most of the day. I haven’t lit the stove yet. An extra jumper seems to be all I need for now.

Have postponed dealing with the ” darn document” till next week.

Now it’s wine and crime time . 🍷🍷

My chair….this cheered me up.
Darkness coming…….


  1. Just know you’re doing great….keeping yourself safe, coldsores or not, is the best and most important thing to do right now. And, your chair makes me happy too. They are all beautiful and hearty renditions exuding many multifaceted personalities. Lovely.

    Isolating together from across the pond, Dianne

    PS I’m working on a mixed media piece looking out my livingroom window. Perhaps I can learn how to forward it to you when complete.

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