Now it’s November in Pisticci…. gloomy day

Actually it was much worse than that , but have decided to only remember the good bits.

Like, a short phone call from my son to ask about a recipe . He was going to bake with his daughter or make a special kind of jelly that I used to make with carnation milk and jelly cubes.

Like, moving my favourite painting out of my workroom and into this room where I will see it more often. It has my empty art table and my writing shirt hanging on the door. I have sold a copy I did of it because it’s not for sale.

Like, watching more short David Hockney films and hoping some his energy and enthusiasm for life will have an effect on me

Like, deciding to draw the scene from my chair looking towards the stove on my tablet and being pleased with the result.

Getting going now….. should have done this earlier…..

Like, dyeing my hair this morning. It is so lovely and shiny now. I remember when dyeing my hair made it a bit dry. Now it makes it much softer and silkier ( I sound like an advert.)

Like, watching 3 episodes of Escape to the Country and marvelling over how fussy people are….and how much money they have. ( you could buy a couple of streets in Pisticci for the amount they spend on one house.)

Like, it being wine time and finally having cheered up and wondering what on earth was wrong with me today.

Cheers. Might make sweet potato chips tonight…..or not…..🍷🍷

I like this
My all time favourite painting.
Outside now. Finally stopped raining

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